Jinvoo SM-SW101-3 Switch teardown

Sometimes people want to see what the inside of a device looks like… so do I! 🙂 So I took apart my new Jinvoo SM-SW101-3 and took some pictures:

I was able to flash it to tasmota easily with tuya-convert and connect it to Home Assistant. :yay:

There’s a template for it too so configuration was a breeze and shortly after I was able to integrate it to home assistant and set up some automations to turn on scenes – I’ve only used two of the three buttons so far so I’ve still got one to play with!

As far as I can tell, the button LEDs are linked to the relays; they cannot be lit independently of the relays. I don’t have anything connected to the relays at the moment, so they click (and draw a little power) when the button is pushed.

With tasmota flashed I measured about 0.5W with all switches off and about 1.3W with all relays on.

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